22nd Apr, 2014

Our Business is the global media and marketing company, providing localized digital projects in every part of the world. Where other firms have included worldwide to their regional offering, we have been a global firm considering that launch. It remains in our DNA. We have an unequaled degree of worldwide focus and experience, developed over the last fifteen years.

Our core group of worldwide digital professionals focuses on paid media, natural search, material positioning, online PR, social

networks, site optimization, research study, information and analysis and works out of our HQ. They deal with our specifically hired LIME network, Regional In-Market Specialists, who are knowledgeable professional professionals in their regional markets. Together they are accountable for preparing and providing effective worldwide digital campaigns for our customers, in single and numerous markets throughout the world.

We are market leaders in localization. We comprehend the significance of specialist localization and the effect this has on the success of your business. For us, localization should do with cultural analysis and cultural conversion and goes far beyond language translation.